About the author

Carol Marie Davis is an award winning author/illustrator of educational, fun-to-read books for children. A former art teacher and therapist, she weaves adventure stories with historical material to capture young readers’ imagination.

In her first novel, the Native American past is brought to life with The Adventures of Moon Spirit, a story about a Floridian child who lived five thousand years ago.

Her second book, Anna Heart of a Peasant, shows how a determined Russian peasant woman made an epic journey to America all alone. This woman, who is Ms. Davis own maternal grandmother, inspires readers to embrace everything that life has to offer.

Ms. Davis received national recognition as a finalist in the 10th Annual Indie Excellence Awards for The Yomy Tales, an American Experience. In this book twin dolls meet interesting and historical figures throughout a century of African American history, from slavery times up to Martin Luther King’s famous I Have a Dream speech in Washington, DC in 1963.

In her latest book, The Hounds of Barkerville, the author changes directions and presents readers with a new collection of amusing doggy tales. Wonder Dog Kimi and her band of canine sleuths track down missing valuable violins, rare orchids and other mysteries. As Christen Benson, the Director of the Humane Society of Sarasota County states in this book: "It brought me much joy when Carol Marie Davis told me that it was her Kimi who was adopted from our shelter and was the inspiration for this story. Kimi shows us that rescue pets are special!"

In her soon to be published booklet, Make a Yomy Doll, Ms. Davis provides step-by-step instructions, along with easy to follow diagrams for creating your very own soft and cuddly Yomy doll. Ms. Davis is the mother of three children and spends her time creating dolls for the main characters in her books and walking her rescue dog Kimi in Nokomis, Florida.